Welcome to Arkham Unlife

The setting is modern day Arkham, Massachusetts and the system is Visionary Entertainment’s The Everlasting. This campaign is a bit different than the usual table top in that we use a character pool of around 20 characters submitted by players. This allows for the characters to truly act in accordance with their interests. If a character does not agree with the current course of action, she is free to abandon ship and her player simply picks up a character that has more interest in the current plot line.

Experience is also handled a bit differently. We not only award players EXP for their efforts in the game which goes into their EXP pool to be spent on any character they wish, but each character has her own EXP pool to be spent with group accord. This also allows for multiple players to combine EXP to really bump a particular character’s potency should the need arise for a plot-line.

Back to the setting, Arkham is home to a terrible rift in space-time opened by one of the player characters which quickly became beyond his control. The rift emits influences and corruption of the horrible entities waiting on the other side for a chance to slip through. The player characters consist mostly of the Undead (Vampires, Ghouls and Revenants) which, possibly due to the rift being opened, are subconsciously brought to Arkham over the course of decades.

Arkham Unlife

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